Monday, June 30, 2008

Taking time to breathe

Sorry about the lack of posts here lately. For a couple of weeks it was because of work demands, including wrestling with a new computer system (it's the sort of struggle that tends to make you more prayerful -- or at least more likely to invoke the name of the Almighty).

But for the last two weeks, I have been seeking some Sacred Space of my own, on the coasts of Maine and Nova Scotia, Canada. My son traveled with me. The computer stayed home.

After my mouse-deprived fingers stopped twitching, I knew it was right to take this time away, to abandon productivity for the sake of wholeness. To hike trails instead of running in place. To laugh at the silly walk of a roadside moose rather than brooding about newsroom layoffs and national politics and the unholy squabbles over religion.

What a novel idea: Taking time to breathe. To be rather than to do.

But it's not novel at all, of course. We have lost the concept of Sabbath time to our own detriment.

Do you take time to unplug from your busy life? How does that affect you spiritually?


Anonymous said...

I also just got back from a two week vacation. I didn't even check my email. It was wonderful. I feel more relaxed than when we left and this is good for relationships and spirituality.

D.J. Williams said...

All the theological pontificating in the world couldn't do justice to the glory of God as much as the birth of my first daughter last weekend. This has been a week-and-a-half I'll never forget.

Iztok said...

DJ: "All the theological pontificating in the world couldn't do justice to the glory of God as much as the birth of my first daughter last weekend."

Congrats on being a new dad. I think you and your wife are the ones that are solely responsible for this event. I am sure you will be a good father and your wife a good mother. You are the ones that should be credited and praised.

Danbo59 said...

Iztok wrote, "I think you and your wife are the ones that are solely responsible for this event."

You think wrong. Nothing new.

Iztok said...

Danbo: Care to providee any evidence? I am sure if we test DNA of his daughter it will be from DJ and his wife. Unless you are claiming that she has been unfaithful to him. Which I have no reason to think but apparently you do.

Anonymous said...

No physical evidence is needed of God’s role in our creation, existence and preservation. In that sense he is responsible for all of us being here. We are all the spiritual children of God, as is D.J.’s wonderful new child. Congrats!

As regards human DNA, is Iztok trying to say that God has DNA? Humans have DNA. Animals have DNA. Much of God's Creation has DNA. But why would God the Creator have human DNA? You don’t know God, Iztok, do you?

Jane, it’s hard to unplug when one is constantly on the defense against the atheists who aggressively attack our faith. But it does my spirit good to rebut them. By the way, didn’t you just recently ask that these attacks stop?

D.J. Williams said...


I don't intend to use my daughter's birth as an occasion for theological debate, and I certainly don't think my wife's faithfulness should ever be cheapened into an ironic rhetorical tool. If you want to springboard into another debate, fine - but leave me and mine out of this round.

Soli Deo Gloria

Danbo59 said...

Iztok, you're are way out of line and owe DJ and his wife an apology. I'm, once again, asking Jane to consider banning your IP from this blog. You're crude and vulgar and you lend NOTHING to the discussion except hatred.

Iztok said...

Danbo, you were the one questioning that DJ and his wife were solely responsible for their offspring not me. I even stated that I have no reason to think otherwise. Then have the audacity to pin this on me. Hypocrite!

Danbo59 said...

Don't play stupid, Izzie.

You knew exactly what I meant -- that God was responsible for the miracle of their daughter's conception and birth. Likewise, you knew exactly what you were doing when you wrote your hateful response. Grow up.

Iztok said...

Danbo: "You knew exactly what I meant -- that God was responsible for the miracle of their daughter's conception and birth."

No this is your assumption. I don't need magic stone to explain why soup was good (story of magic stone) nor did Dumbo need magic feather to fly as he could fly w/o it. Same difference. You are the one who implies other things that are not needed for explanation (yet fail to provide evidence).

Anonymous said...

What's really sad is that Jane takes the time to post a thoughtful blog, and the same group of people will rip each other apart and call it a debate. Why can't we just enjoy the blog and keep the comments related to the subject?

Anonymous said...

[disclaimer] I am not religious. However, the most spiritual I have ever felt is taking trips with my children.

Maybe Jane and her son's interaction on their trip is god.
When they are old and recall this trip--maybe that is god.

I can't say that the anger and vitriol and biblical gibberish I see in some posts inspires me much to yearn for any gods who are the impetus for any of that.


Anonymous said...


Very well said. I totally agree.

Have an enlightened and safe 4th everyone !

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to decide where to go for a few weeks. I'd like it to be an enriching time, so that when I'm back in Charlotte in August I'd have something that I didn't have before I left. I'd be going alone because my wife has a business trip. I'm not used to being alone so it might be a lonely time. I'm thinking of Nature. Maybe I'll head up to Canada.

Anonymous said...


Canada is fine, but also consider:

The Blue Ridge Parkway, Charleston, New Orleans, or Clayton, GA.

Anonymous said...


Jesus frequently went off to himself, alone. Richard Foster suggests in his Celebration of Discipline that man intentionally avoids solitude.


Anonymous said...

Gamecock whines and affirms

I made a choice many years ago after having quit HS. I wanted to work for me. I didn't want to suffer the moon landing denying fools. I didn't take orders well. I recognized early on that I would be giving up some security.

I achieved my goal. I don't think my family ever appreciated my pride in being the one that dug the hole and employed people.

I am sure that my life will be shorter for the indulgence. And one reason is that I can't sabbatical for long since when I am away, I am spending money and not earning it.

I do take daily and weekly sabbaticals, but they don't afford much sabbat.

more later