Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tread water or dive deep in '09?

Every Sunday at my church, we confess "things done and left undone." I've left this blog undone for far too long, more out of lack of time than lack of interest.

But one of the gifts of a new year is the motivation to reset priorities -- to make a conscious decision about what duties or passions we'll give the best of ourselves to in the coming months.

It's so easy to slip into the habit of treading water rather than diving deep. To flail about, fighting every wave, complaining that the sea ought to be still and calm. Life rarely is.

Over the years I've found, as perhaps you have as well, that when I give spiritual matters a higher priority in my life -- when, as Thomas R. Kelly wrote, I "live from the Center" -- it makes all the difference. For me, that higher priority will include an intentional increase in prayer, reading and writing, including this blog.

How do you intend to live differently in 2009?


Iztok said...

For me the higher priority will be more action to help others. In 2008 we've finalized adoption of our daughter (17) and in 2009 we are looking to actively help her sister (aged out of the system) and her baby. My wife and I figured out that actions are more helpful then the words and we should step up even more then in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I don't intend to live any differently in 2009, but I suppose I will in some way. I'm not intending to do anything more meaningful or loving. I am making plans for vacations and deciding what to invest in.

Danbo59 said...

I've decided to delve deeper into the Cathechism of the Catholic Church and to start reading more of the Pope's encyclicals and other writings. What little I've read has reaffirmed what I believe to be right and just in this world, from opposition to abortion and contraception to the knowledge that Salvation is something that God wills for everyone -- not just Catholics and not just Christians.

Peace and joy to you, Jane, as you begin 2009!